Why change its visual identity?

The graphic identity is essential in the strategy of a company: it includes all the graphic elements such as the logo, typography, fonts, colors or pictograms. It is immediately recognizable by the partners of the brand: customers, institutional suppliers… For those who do not know it, it gives a first impression and conveys an image whose impact must be immediately positive.
Its role goes well beyond the aesthetic aspect: it carries the values and establishes the positioning of your structure. It aims to give meaning to your activity.

Factors favouring the redesign of visual identity

As we have just seen, identity is central to the strategy of any organization. However, you may need to mordernise it or change it, particularly in the following cases:
– Adaptation to a new environment or a new market: for example, a company that wants to tackle the international market will have to evolve its codes to be understood by everyone around the world.
– A repositioning: a move upmarket or the desire to change the core target audience will require thinking about visual communication.
– A change of activity: whether radical or evolutionary, any change of activity must find a translation in a graphic declination so that the public is visually informed of these changes.

How to set up this new identity?

First of all, you will have to approach this change with caution: indeed, your graphic identity has taken time to build and impose itself, it is not a question of sweeping everything away in a few minutes! It is important to act cautiously so as not to lose your reputation. Another pitfall to be avoided: “tinkering” quickly with a new logo without taking into account the rest of the graphic charter and without thinking deeply about the identity of the brand.
It is therefore advisable to call on a visual identity professional: concentrate on your core business and delegate this part of your strategic communication to a specialised agency. An agency will take the time to define with you the brand identity, to exchange with a few of your collaborators in order to better understand its history, its values and its positioning. It will also analyse the company’s internal or external environment and its main targets.

A specialized agency will therefore be of invaluable help to you: once the main principles of your new communication have been defined, the agency will be responsible for defining a graphic charter, and adapting it to all communication media: emails, business cards, promotional brochures, websites, not forgetting goodies or letterheads. For the retail sector, the graphic elements will also be available in stores with appropriate signage and layout. Indeed, consistency across all media is essential and must impact all your communication: the same graphic elements must be found at all levels and departments of the company.
Finally, to fully succeed in your change and reinforce your strategy, it is important to involve employees: once the choices and reasons for your new graphic identity have been explained, they must be given tools that are easy to use and that can be implemented at their level. By involving the employees, you will win their support and facilitate the implementation of your new strategy.


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