Why create your website with WordPress? 


With the development of the web, it is more and more important to create a site and ensure its performance. So far, WordPress software has developed 30% of the sites that work on the web. The advantage of this software lies in the simplicity of use and the fast update of the site. But, what are the reasons for choosing WordPress?

WordPress, a simple tool

An open source content management system and CMS, WordPress was designed in 2013 to optimize the creation of blogs and websites. If this software was a simple platform for creating blogs, the concept has clearly evolved. This tool is adored by associations, companies and e-commerce sites as it is simple to use to create a website.

Whether it is for creating a page, content, organizing menus, uploading photos or filtering visitor comments, WordPress is suitable for professionals as well as neophytes.

Optimize SEO with WordPress

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most widely used CMS to implement an SEO strategy. Since it is a popular software on the internet, the search engine Google can easily understand what it entails. On the other hand, WordPress has plugins that provide fine tuning of SEO settings. In general, these plugins remain extensible with custom solutions that meet the needs of the developer.

One of the features that sets WordPress apart is its power. Thanks to its popularity and open source look, this software is accessible to all developers around the world. Developers can freely create a plugin or theme and then share it throughout the WordPress community.

Customize your WordPress site

To provide a complete service, WordPress has premium themes that are useful during the process of customizing a site. Nowadays, many designers rely on these themes to be creative and original. If you don’t have a specific idea yet, you can use the themes in the software as inspiration for a new site. To have a unique design, you must select the colors, images, styles that meet your expectations.

In the list of the main elements that you have the possibility to customize, there are :

  • the addition of a logo;
  • the ability to change the header;
  • changing the color of your theme;
  • the definition of a favicon.

Increase the performance of the website

Providing several functionalities, WordPress avoids slowing down the site. Indeed, too many plugins and features can reduce the speed of a site. By mastering the tool, you can improve the user experience and eliminate problems that slow down the site.

With the multi-user management solution of your wordpress site you can easily distribute roles to each of your contributors. You will thus have a perfect control of the articles designed before validating them and putting them online. This way, you can introduce new users to your site and give them respective tasks.

 If you don’t know which type of website best suits your business, check out our article to find out which type of website to choose.

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